An ISO 9001:2015 certified & MSME Registered Organization

This company was found on 2021 and is now registered as CPE TECH PRIVATE LIMITED.

At CPE TECH, we provide training on Process Engineering, Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt / Greenbelt / Yellowbelt, Process Safety Management & Quality Management.

Here at CPE Tech, we got a skilled and talented trainers to conduct the sessions. Our trainers are one of the best performing candidates in API manufacturing pharmaceutical industries.

Company's CIN (Corporate Identification Number): U80903AP2021PTC119837

Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN): VPNC03001F

Services we provide: Training & Consultation on Process engineering to API manufacturing Pharmaceutical industries

Details of Directors:

K G Sankar - 09373984 (DIN)

K N Kumari - 09373985 (DIN)

Scope of training program

The Scope of this program is to train the participants on the basics of technology involved in manufacturing of bulk drugs in Pharma industry. Training program provides a basic understanding on the manufacturing processes and a quick deep dive into the activities which are a part of chemical engineers job responsibility in Pharma industries. The program provides detailed and consolidated demonstration on the roles and responsibility of a chemical engineer during process development at lab. 

Why to attend?

In the recent times of recruitment, the manufacturing companies would like to recruit only experienced individuals as hiring fresher’s would be considered as a challenge for them, as it would take time to train the individuals and the period would be like an investment for the company. Here we provide you all the basics of activities which a chemical engineer would come across in his daily routine as a part of job responsibility. Hence attending the training and gaining technical knowledge shall be considered as an asset. This would make you unique when compared with other individuals. 

Who Can attend ?

The training is specifically intended for individuals who are about to complete Bachelor’s in chemical engineering / who got relieved in recent times from chemical engineering and experienced individuals who are lacking technical knowledge and are having trouble while performing detailed evaluation of ongoing processes or any newly developed lab processes. 

Outcome of this training

The participants who were successfully undergone training will be able to understand the job responsibility of chemical engineers in Pharmaceutical industry. Upon successful completion of course, the participants will be able to gain a technical knowledge which will be similar to a 3+ years experienced candidate. This is not a certification program, however the details of the participants who completed the program shall be posted on our website for reference.